Random42 – Intercellular, A VR Experience


Random42 is a medical animation company specialising in scientific communication. They produce visually stunning animations for a variety of pharmaceutical companies.

Intercellular VR

Random42 have just launched their first ever solely educational virtual reality experience and it is both beautiful and informative. Education is, for me, the most important thing you can give to yourself and to others, and to see that animation can be a vehicle to provide education to anyone around the world is something that is truly exciting and important.

‘Our team of scientists, artists, animators and programmers have collaborated to intertwine the worlds of science, art and technology. The result is an impactful storytelling masterpiece, using detailed and stunning imagery.’ – Random42 Website

Some of the aspects of this experience that I thought were most effective were the use of labelling next to certain models and the narration. This is important because it provides the viewer with a more comprehensive knowledge of the subject, and enhances the communication that is being conveyed visually.

On top of this the animation is visually engaging, the cinematography leads the viewers eye to exactly where the most crucial information is, something which I imagine could be quite a challenge in VR. Lastly the music completes the experience by adding some drama which makes the animation even more engaging, all while not distracting from the narration.

‘We wanted to create an experience that was visually stunning, immersive and educationally invaluable. We believe that virtual reality is the perfect tool to assist in medical education and training, and we want to leaders in this movement.’ – Random42 Website


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